September is the ideal month for the creation of a lawn, the size of the hedges and many other gardening works. The activity in the garden is not idling this month. The heat stored during the summer greatly promotes the growth of vegetables.
Take advantage of the last heat to start seeds. September is also the month of the harvest in the fruit garden.

Gadras garden invites you to discover the non-exhaustive list of the different works to perform in the garden in September. Cutting, sowing or planting work, be prepared for an intense month September in the garden.


In the garden of ornament

Works to be done in the garden of ornament in September.



In September, you can prune your hedges. You can prune boxwood, and the charcoal hedges.

Prune your roses and eliminate watersprouts.

Concerning the vines, you can cut the ivy and wisteria.

Cut your summer shrubs to eliminate the faded flowers, they arrived at the end of flowering. End with an aesthetic size.

Prune evergreens. Prune the false cypress.

You can also cut flush your perennial and annual which stop from flowering. Prune summer-flowering shrubs as the spirea

If you have bamboo, you can cut them before they invade your driveway.

Prune the cherry-laurel by a maintenance cutting.

Prune lavender.



Plant the fritillaries.

Plant spring biennial like forget-me-nots or pansies. Plant the spring wallflowers.

You can start planting Lavender.

You can also plant perennials knapweeds purchased in bucket.

About biennial varieties, you can sow the winter wallflowers and violas.

You can plant valerian that you previously removed.

Concerning bulbous, plant snowdrops, crocuses, lilies, daylilies. Also plant your tulip bulbs.

As far as the perennials is concerned, you can plant hollyhocks, chrysanthemums of garden purchased in buckets, “golden basket” and daisies.

For seedlings in the garden of ornament in September, seedlings in the garden of ornament in September, sow larkspur, sweet peas and perennial pea. The sweet peas can be sown in place if you live in a region with mild climate.

Sow vervain.



September is a month rich especially in shrub cutting.

Cut the cherry-laurel.

Cut your roses.

Do layering for propagating wisteria.

You can multiply the cedar by grafting.

Graft your spruce trees under bark.

Propagate the false cypress in a steam by covering it with a transparent plastic.

Concerning perennials, propagate chiefly the ageratums, the “golden basket” and the anthémis.

Concerning shrubs, you can propagate, for example, the aucuba.

In the fruit garden

Works to be done in the greenhouse in September.



Prune apple trees and pear trees in trellis

Prune remontant raspberries after the second harvest. You can also cut the stems that have grown.

Cut the currant tree.

Prune the blackcurrant.

Pick up the apples and fruit fallen on the ground. Get rid of sick fruit on the ground.

Maintain the feet of strawberries by removing damaged leaves and runners.


fraisiers-gadras-jardin-mois-par-mois-septembreCollect the last strawberries and the last raspberries.

Harvest the hazelnuts.

Harvest the nuts.

You have until the end of September to harvest the fruits of your peaches.

You can harvest the fruits of your apple and pear trees.

Harvest the plums.

Harvesting bramble fruits.

You can plant new strawberry.

In the greenhouse

Works to be performed in the greenhouse in September.



Under the greenhouse, you can propagate your anthemis, bougainvillea or even your hoyas, anthemis, pelargoniums.

Sow your last salads.

Plant cauliflower and spinach.

Sow a few perennials.

Sow also some biennials plants.




Continue to permit your tomatoes to ripen.

Repot and propagate your begonias, impatience, pelargonium and fuchsia.

Start putting your most fragile plants under shelter.

Think about watering plants in the morning. Put in the greenhouse the biennial to encourage an early blooming in the spring.

Also remember to ventilate your greenhouse.

You can remove your shade cloth so that your plants get the most of sunny days.

Clean the windows to maintain good brightness.


In the vegetable garden

Works to be performed at the garden in September



In September you can start planting the artichokes in your garden, think about putting the germ upward when planting.

On the side of aromatic plants, plant a bay leaf that you obtained from a commercial store. Also plant thyme and liquorice.

Plant rhubarb.

Plant leeks.

Plant winter cabbage and kale.



You can sow winter salads.

This is the last moment to harvest the basil.

Broadcast winter radishes.

Sow spring white cabbage.

Plant turnip-rooted chervil, curled-leaved endives, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, romaine, purslane, parsnips, lamb’s lettuce, spinach.

Collect the last tomatoes.

Collect the radishes and potatoes.

This is the last moment to harvest artichoke, which is harvested two years after its culture.

September is a good month to harvest the dill. Dry them to retrieve the seeds.

You can harvest the basil, licorice, comfrey, chamomile.

About the aromatic plants, the month of September is the right time to harvest thyme, rosemary, parsley, bay leaf, cumin, dill, chervil, spring onions and chives.

At the end of September, you can harvest the cabbage, you have until the first frost to harvest it.

Other maintenance work

Other maintenance to perform in September

Other maintenance work

Bassin jardin

Mow your lawn. Also remember to maintain it.

Replenish your lawn if it has holes. To do this, make seedling on a previously worked ground.

In the garden, keep up the feet of tomatoes, remove part of the foliage to let them mature. Surround with a sprout of earth your leeks, cabbage of Brussels and the curled-leaved endives.

Clean the basin, pick up the fallen leaves on the surface of the water.

Put nets on the fragile plants and air your coverage.

In the orchard, you can remove the bags that protected the fruits.