When during the winter you need to pay attention that your plantings are not suffering from the torments of the extreme cold, this time it’s the heat that threatens your garden. July is the great period of the holiday, but not necessarily for the gardener. July is a month rich in harvest and cuttings.


Gadras garden invites you to discover the non-exhaustive list of the different works to be done in the garden in July.


In the garden of ornament

Works to be done in the garden of ornament in July.



Prune the remontant roses.

Prune all the flower bulbs.

Prune hedge bushes.

Prune spring shrubs.

Prune the fragrant alysses after flowering.

Cut the fritillaries which have yellowed on the ground.

Cut the stems of anthemis right after flowering.

Cut the foot of lark after flowering. You can pull out the annual larkspur.



It’s an appropriate time to transplant your asters, to pull out the seedlings and plant them in nursery.

Transplant the young lins of the perennial species, also transplant the valerian.

Concerning biennials, sow your pansies.

Sow the primroses, the rudbeckias.

The flowers are faded, the seeds are formed. It is the right time to sow the biennial as pansies. You can sow them in terrine or in open ground.

Plant geraniums and irises.

Plant the bulbs whose flowering is scheduled for the fall.



Cut/propagate the abelias, semi-hardwood cutting stems of the butterfly bush, jasmine,

Graft your lilac

Propagate chrysanthemums in the meadow.

It is the last time to plant yarrows, sow them in the garden. Take care to leave a distance of about 30-50 cm between the plants. The distance required depends on the varieties.

Plant flaxseed perennial. To do this, prepare the soil by turning it over and by previously draining.

Sow the snapdragons, the forget-me-not, poppy perennials, pansies, daisies, verbenas, hollyhocks.

Multiply your maple trees by grafting or budding.



To allow your plants to flower again more easily cut withered flowers. Cut the wilted roses from your rose bushes, cut withered flowers of the perennials.

Pull out the weeds.

Water the flowers. Think about hoeing and weeding the soil previously to improve the penetration of water.

Water the feet of your roses

Mow your lawn by following the recommendations related to the height of the blade for this month.

In the fruit garden

Works to be done in the fruit garden in July.



You can harvest the apricots (under mild climate), peaches, pears.

You can harvest the figs.

You have until mid-July to harvest blackcurrent.

Harvest the almonds (green fruit).

You have until the end of July to collect your gooseberries.

At the end of July, you can harvest the plums.



You can do summer pruning to your apple trees.

Do summer pruning also to your apple trees.

You can also prune cherry trees.

Remember to prune apricot trees.

Remember to water your fruit trees.

Also remember to hoe your fruit trees.

Prune unroofed raspberries.


Works to be performed in the greenhouse in July.



Check the temperature of the greenhouse.

Remember to water your plants that need watering under the greenhouse.

Control the shading of your plants.

You can propagate conifers under the greenhouse.

Divide the begonias and rhododendrons.

Harvest vegetables sheltered in greenhouse like pickles, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

In the vegetable garden

Works to be done in the vegetable garden in the month of July.



Plant chives.

Sow lamb’s lettuces on firm ground.

It’s not too late to sow beans.

We can keep the seedlings of radishes and especially of summer radishes. You can sow the black and purple radish in a moist soil.

Sow broad beans.

Sow lettuce, turnip, purslane.

Concerning the aromatic plants, it still time to sow parsley and chervil.



Collect the zucchini, place them in a cool place.

July is the ideal time to harvest shallot. Harvest them when the stems have turned yellow.

You can harvest the beans now if you sow them outside the period of fall.

You can start to harvest chillies. If the peppers are very big, you can collect them at the end of July.

It is still time to harvest potatoes. Watch for the yellowing of the stalks that gives the go-ahead of the harvest.

You can also harvest: radish, rosemary, arugula, tomatoes (depending on the species) when they are very red, rhubarb, escarole, melon, lettuce, beans plants, broad beans…

Flatten cauliflower leaves to protect them from the sun and to prevent them from deteriorating.

Other maintenance work

Other maintenance work to be performed in July.

Other maintenance work


The lawnmower is operational again

It is the right time to sharpen your lawnmower.

Lift the blade of your mower to prevent it from yellowing.

Don’t forget to put in place the cups for the birds.

Control the algal growth in your pond.

Check the water level. In fact, under the effect of heat, you can attend phenomena of evaporation of water from your pond.