December is not a busy month in the garden during which there is a very limited activity. But the fact remains that you must all the same get on with some works to prepare your garden to welcome a new year.


December is not a busy month in the garden during which there is a very limited activity. But the fact remains that you must all the same get on with some works to prepare your garden to welcome a new year.


In the garden of ornament

Works to be done in the garden of ornament in December.



In December, you can perform your cutting during winter.

Prune very slightly your hedges, do not prune unless they become embarrassing and they block the way.

This month, you can cut wisteria to support a future bloom.

Prune void foliage chestnut, the hackberry.

It is still time to prune the stems of ampelopsis.

Prune the wisteria, the bougainvillea, the honeysuckle

Prune climbing plants like ivy.

If you do the cutting of your rose bushes, this must be very light.

Prune the heaths that bloom in the fall.



You can divide the Mallow of Japan and replant it.

Propagate shrubs.

About deciduous trees, propagate, for example, the aillante.

Cut and layer the ivy.

Cut the tree pheasants, dogwood, forsythia.

Propagate elderberry



You can plant your hellebores.

You can finish planting your tulip.

It is still time to plant trees and evergreen shrubs and trees if you haven’t done it on November.

Plant your ornamental shrubs, all deciduous plants, the dogwood for example.

Plant bare-roots trees and deciduous shrubs.

Heel in the roots of trees and shrubs that you do not have the opportunity to plant.

December is still time to plant bare-root rose.



Protect the aerial parts of camellias to prevent snow from burning their buds. Install a veil for wintering the plants.

Protect your rose bushes, surround them with soil, mulch the ground at the feet of the roses and do not hesitate to install a veil for wintering plants on the aerial parts of the plant to protect their branches. Surround with soil at points of transplants the young seedlings of roses.

Remove mistletoe from trees, they are parasitic plants that can weaken them.

If it snowed, shake the branches of the trees to remove the snow so that they do not break.

In December, put sheets at the feet of plants for example the roses, fuchsias, aromas and all plants fearing the gel.

Pick up the dead leaves on the lawn.

If you have a clay, dig your land.

Spread mulch at the feet of your trees and shrubs.

In the fruit garden

Works to be done in the fruit garden in December.



Prune almond trees.

Prune the branches of black current trees.

Prune pips’fruits trees.

Begin to cut the actinidias.

Prune apricot trees. Delete including the dead and withered branches. Every 3-4 years, you can shorten the ends of the branches of the tree.

Prune raspberries that have grown in the fall of this year.

Prune your fig, currant and raspberry.



Plant all small fruits : blackberries, raspberries, blueberries…

Continue to plant your bare-root fruit trees.

You have until late March to plant your apricot trees, cherry trees, fig trees and walnut trees.

It is still time to plant actinidias and almond trees.

Plant pome fruit trees : pear trees and apple trees.

Plant black-current gooseberries, think about previously soaking the roots for a better growth. Soak the roots in a mixture of earth of the garden and water.

Plant hazel tree.

Sow raspberries.



You can harvest persimmons and medlars periods of frost are ideal to grow and mature the fruit.

Cut/propagate the roots of raspberries. Cut currant bushes and flowering currant.

Multiply the hazels.

Cut/propagate fruit shrubs.

Divide rhubarb.

You can propagate all the small fruits.



Protect the feet of your rhubarb by spreading mulch at them.

Cut the dead and broken branches of your hazel.

You can divide your raspberries and plant them elsewhere. To do this, choose strong stems, slice with a spade and plant.

From the end of the month of November till the beginning of December, you can form bonds between the branches of fig trees.

Watch the condition of the fruit. Remove mummified fruit to avoid the spread of disease.

Eliminate the moss on the tree trunks.

In the greenhouse

Works to be performed in the greenhouse in the month of December.



Put the potted bulbs under the greenhouse.

Pick up the dead leaves in the greenhouse.

Do not forget to maintain your windows to let the light in.

If you have not yet done it in November, put put the plastic bubble in place to reinforce your greenhouse insulation

Air the greenhouse during the soft climate. In the morning, let the air circulate and close the greenhouse around noon.

Water the plants in the greenhouse in the morning.

Maintain limited watering.

Concerning the seedlings, it is still time to sow your onions and shallots under warm shelter.

In the vegetable garden

Works to be performed in the vegetable garden in December




You can harvest the cardoons, wait till they are well blanched. Then cut the ribs at their base. Collect the cardoon gradually according to your needs.

It is still time to harvest carrots, blanched celery, Brussels cabbages, headed cabbages, lamb’s lettuce, romaine lettuce, salsify.

This is the last moment to harvest the escarole and cauliflower.

Leek, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf can be harvested throughout the year.

Tear off the artichokes according to you need.

You can sow under chassis summer white cabbage.

Sow peas, leek.

Transplant the winter lettuce.

Force the chicory.



Cut root vegetables which are not particularly cold-resistant.

Surround with soil or straw and mulch the feet of cardoon.

Begin to protect your most fragile vegetables under tunnel to help them to withstand the harsh winter cold.

Control your vegetables stored in racks in order to detect the presence of rots.

Dig the earth in the garden.

Other maintenance work

Other maintenance to be performed in December

Other maintenance work

Bassin jardin

Clean the nesting boxes for the birds when they are empty.

Place cups of water to allow the birds to water themselves.

Clean your pots.

Remove the saucers of plants to prevent the freezing of the roots of your plants in pots.

Pick up the dead leaves in the basin.

Put away the pool pumps.

Put bundles of branches on the the pool water surface, do not forget to stir the branches from time to time to avoid the freezing of the pool.