August is a very unstable month, the weather fluctuates a lot during the summer months. You can deal both with periods of intense thunderstorms and extreme heat. August is also a great period of harvest.


Gadras garden invites you to discover the non-exhaustive list of the different works to be done in the garden in August.


In the garden of ornament

Works to be done in the garden of ornament in the month of August.


GlycinePrune your hedge.

Cut perennials plants that have flowered in spring and in early summer to encourage flowering and the appearance of new shoots.

Remove the dead flowers from the flowerbeds.

Pull out the damaged annual plants.

It is not too late to prune your rose bushes, also eliminate watersprouts.

Prune all conifers.

Concerning the vines, cut the ivy, or the wisteria.



In the garden of ornament, for example you can sow your pansies.

Plant spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips, pay attention because some variety can only be planted in mild climates.

Plant fritillaries, plant them in a hole that is about 3 times the size of the bulbs, which is 15 to 20 cm of depth . Space out the holes for the bulbs about 30 to 40 cm.

Plant your grass.

In the garden of ornament, you can start sowing your violets in the garden.

August is a good time to plant your autumn flowering bulbs. Think about planting your amaryllis, gladioli and crocuses.



August is the perfect month for propagating your shrubs.

Propagate by cutting abelia, the mahonia or the aucuba shrubs, for example.

Divide the clematis, the fuchsia, the climbing honeysuckle shrub as well as the sage and many other plants.

Multiply your roses.

Propagate also hydrangeas from the side shoots obtained in the year. You must then pick them in a mixture of heather, peat and sand. Put your cuttings sheltered under chassis.

You can divide your geraniums.

Propagate honeysuckle, then you can transplant in a mixture of peat and sand.

Cut the boxwood.

It is still time to propagate your camellias.

You can multiply the lime by grafting it on a rose ship, use the shoots tips which you have collected elsewhere during the year.

You can multiply your cypress by using the shoot tips of cypress.



Think about staking your most fragile plants.

Remember to water well your plants especially if the weather predicts a dry time.

Transplant your biannual and annual flowers such as forget-me-nots or pansies.

Mow your lawn at the right height to prevent it from drought.

Water your lawn on the appropriate frequencies.

Continue to water the plants.

Prepare the grass by returning it to prepare it for the next planting.

In the fruit garden

Work in the fruit garden in the month of August.


Abricotier - arbres fruitier

Collect the blackberries.

Also collect the nuts.

Harvest peaches, pears, apples, plums.

At the beginning of August, think to harvest the cherries.

You can propagate the Kiwis.

Graft the apricot, peach, cherry, apple and pear trees.

You can start planting strawberries, the ideal period is the month of September.


Work to be performed in the greenhouse in the month of August.



Increase the hydrometry.

Water in the morning.

Prune the climbing plants in the greenhouse if they seem to be invading.

Monitor the shadows and don’t forget to check the ventilation of your greenhouse.

Make the cuttings in the greenhouse.

In the vegetable garden

Work to be done in the vegetable garden in the month of August.


Pomme de terre posée à terre

Transplant the chicory scarole.

In mid-August, you can start planting your strawberries.

In mid-August, also, plant cabbages and leeks, such as cauliflower.

Plant leeks.

Plant salads.


BasilicAugust is a great time of harvest in the garden.

Harvest green beans.

Harvest tomatoes.

You can harvest the potatoes. Just after harvest, leave them in the sun to dry.

This is the last time to harvest your radishes, rhubarb, arugula, green cabbage.

Concerning the aromatic plants, you can begin to reap the cumin and dill.

Reap and sow parsley.

Sow lamb’s lettuce under a jute canvas.

Sow curled-leaved endives, Chinese cabbage, watercress, spinach, lamb’s lettuce, turnip, onion, romaine lettuce, escarole…


tunnel potager

Prune the watersprouts of the tomatoes, remove the yellow leaves.

Clean the dried leaves of the artichokes feet.

Do not forget to protect vegetables which fear the sun with shading.

Check and adjust the stake of climbing plants.

Protect your vegetables from the invasion of insects with anti-insect veil.

Spread the mulch on the vegetables that need moisture.


Other maintenance work

Other maintenance work to be performed in the month of August.

Other maintenance work

Tondeuse de jardin

Keep watering.

Turn your grass to prepare it for planting of the month of September.

If you mow your lawn, consider cutting it short not to let the sun burn it.

Control the level of water in the basin.

Remove dead leaves fallen on the surface of the water to avoid the development of mud.

Check the cleanliness of the filter and clean if necessary.

Control the health of your fish, treat them if necessary to avoid contamination.

Remove withered leaves of aquatic plants.