The month of February is often the coldest month of the year. Concerning the gardening, it’s a very quiet period. Some works of the month of January are always relevant in February. In the garden, you can prune, sow and even plant a few varieties of plants.


The month of February is often the coldest month of the year. Side garden works, it’s a very quiet period. Some work for the month of January are always valid in February. In the garden, you can prune, sow and even plant a few varieties of plants. About the frost, which is very common during the month of February, adopt the right “practices” to protect your plants and your garden.


In the garden of ornament

Works to be done in the garden of ornament in February



In February many pruning have to be done.

Prune the climbing plants, wisteria and summer clematis.

For the Clematis which bloom in spring and fall, cut only their dried stems.

Prune shrubs such as hibiscus summer-flowering.

Don’t forget to trim trees in the garden of ornament.

Prune the hydrangeas while taking care to air out the inside. Consider also to prune rose bushes.

Prune your trees, is also the last moment to do it. For example, prune the hydrangea and eucalyptus.

Prune shrubs such as oleanders plants, lilac, or the snowberries.

Be careful not to prune spring flowering shrubs, you’ll remove the buds of future flowers and flowering will not happen.

Clean the perennials plants such as asters, yarrow, blue button flowers by taking care to cut the aerial perennials part that has dried.

At the end of the month, you can cut all the branches of dogwoods with colourful twigs and prune willows.



This is the last moment for the planting of trees and deciduous bare-root shrubs.

Outside the periods of frost, complete their planting. You can, for example, still plant camellia, hazelnut, hornbeams.

If you need to move your shrubs and roses, do so now.

If the external temperatures are mild you can plant perennials.

Plant beans at the foot of the trees, they have fertilizer virtues with their fixing properties of the nitrogen present in the atmosphere.

Plant climbing plants such as glycine, clematis or wisteria.

It is the last moment to plant pine.


framboisiers-jardin-mois-apres-mois-fevrierRemove the foam of tree trunks. Aerate shrubs like hazels, blackcurrants and redcurrents.

You can divide perennials such as raspberries or comfrey, you can also divide the plants such as the woolly green smartweed and the snowdrops after flowering.

Aerate the lawn, to do this you can use a scarifier. If you heat using wood, spread ashes on the grass to maintain it.

Clear snow from shrubs, remove dead leaves to prepare bloom. If it froze, do not forget to water the plants to avoid suffocation to the roots. Alternatively, you can repot plants like hydrangeas.

Protect your rose bushes, do not hesitate to add mulch.

Check your winter protection, strengthen them if they have been weakened.

Think of pulling dead shrubs or trees. Don’t forget to remove moss and lichens by rubbing the trunk of your trees.


petunia-jardin-mois-apres-mois-fevrierYou can plant perennials but also petunias, verbena and calceolarias.

In February, you can also sow the fields with flowers, like poppy, pansies, violets or poppy.

White acacia seeds, or the plum of ornamental are possible in February in cup for acacia. It is also possible to plant trees to 40 ecus. You can sow the seeds of the common beech or if it’s common, magnolias. The seeds of these you have previously placed in the refrigerator. Sow the seeds of the common beech, or magnolia if common that you have also placed in the refrigerator.

Propagating shrubs: willow, deutzia, tamarisk, forsythia, boxwood bamboo, laburnum

Propagate the poplar.

Propagation flowers, for example chrysanthemum or the lantanas. Propagate boxwood, syngonium, the peperomia.

Do marcotting to the wisteria, magnolia and camellia.

Multiply the hellebores by taking the shoots and by replanting them.

You can also perform transplants of cypress or pine in simple slot or under bark and deciduous magnolias transplants.


In the fruit garden

Works to be done in the fruit garden in February


cassissier-jardin-mois-apres-mois-fevrierYou can propagate by cutting blackcurrant, raspberries, blackberries, red current, fig trees.

Concerning the plantation, there is still time to plant the apricot, peach, and early flowering fruit trees. You can also plant strawberry in a pot.

You can prune apricot trees, peach trees, the cutting of the fruit trees should be done before mid-february. Be careful to cover with veils of wintering the apricot trees. Their flowers can freeze.

This is the last month to cut fruit shrubs such as the blackcurrent, hazel.

Start the cutting of the seed fruit trees like pears or apples.

February is an ideal month for the size of the raspberries.

If you are in a region with mild temperatures you can also prune olive trees.


In the greenhouse

Works to be performed under shelter in February



Indoors, you can sow spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuces, leeks, lettuces, radishes, parsley, sage, penstemon. You can also sow borage parsley.

You can also sow carrots in the greenhouse. If you are in a region with mild climate, you can sow any melon, pickles, celery, or even cardoons.

You can also for example sow the carrot of Carentan under shelter.

Remember to put your strawberries in pots in a greenhouse to protect them from the cold.

Plant summer bulbs, such as begonia and dahlia. Protect spring bulbs in the greenhouse for early flowering. Make seedlings for the summer bloom flowers such as pansies, verbenas, violets.

Take good care the citrus, for this don’t hesitate to repot them and replace the soil.

Maintenance of the greenhouse


As in the month of February, remember to air the greenhouse when the temperatures are mild and during the sunny weather.

Remember to disinfect the pots and the stake.

It is essential to remember to clean the inside and outside of the greenhouse windows to let in more light, vital to the life of your plants. If the snow fell, eliminate the snow bank falling on the windows to let in the light.

Check the protections in the greenhouse. Heat the greenhouse during the cold periods. Control, to do this on a daily basis, the temperature of the greenhouse.

In the vegetable garden

Works to be performed at the garden in February



In the vegetable garden you can plant pink garlic and onion. You can also plant shallot, asparagus, potatoes can be planted under shelter.

You can harvest: leek, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnips, cabbage, leeks, cardoons, carrots, blanched celery, celeriac,

Germinate potatoes by placing them in a cool bright place, frost-free. The next planting can thus be precipitated.

After placing protective glasses, you can sow early carrots, parsnips, and beans. Be sure to harvest the carrot in dry weather

Towards the end of the month of February you can also start the seedlings of chives, parsley or chervil. You can also seed some aromatic rustic (mint, tarragon, sorrel, thyme) that are frost-resistant.

At the end of the month you can also sow under shelter tomatoes, peppers, melon, zucchini…

You can harvest the salsify, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnips, lamb’s lettuce, endives.

Maintenance of the garden


Work the arrangement of the vegetable garden.

If there are areas you want to cultivate later, cover them to prepare the ground to accommodate your future plantings and seedlings.

You can also spread the compost on growing areas to enrich and keep warm the ground in winter.

You can also protect your vegetable garden for prevention in periods of extreme cold. To do this, feel free to ask, for example, a mulch of dead leaves or straw.

Relieve soil compaction.

As the month of December, you can aerate the chassis and control the tunnels, protecting glasses and other winter protection.

Control and implement, if necessary, of the sails of overwintering to protect your vegetables.

Pick up the dead leaves on the ground as they may for example contain mushrooms that may contaminate your healthy plantings.

Other maintenance work

Other maintenance to be performed in February

Other maintenance work

feuilles-mortes-gadras-jardin-mois-par-moisSet up nesting boxes for birds. You can offer them cups of water, bread crumbs, peels… You can also give them the remains of meals that will delight some bird species. Check and consolidate your structures.

Attentions must be paid to the pools, put bundles of branches to stir the water and avoid that it freezes.

Control diseases and pests in all of your garden.

Collect leaves and broken branches.

Continue to maintain your garden tools.

In February, you can move your perennials.