June is a rich month in harvest from many seedlings carried out throughout the month of may that begin to emerge. June fits into the continuity of the month of May, it is also a large flowering period.


Gadras garden invites you to discover the non-exhaustive list of the different works to do in the garden in June.


In the garden of ornament

Works to be done in the garden of ornament in June.



Prune your daylilies which are now fading.

Cut the watersprouts of the rosebushes making sure to save the graft.

Cut the flowers of spring shrubs.

Trim hedges and boxwood.

Prune the Wisteria.

Prune your roses.

Prune deutzias, spirea, and dogwoods.

Prune azaleas and rhododendrons.

Size perennials such as the wallflowers, chrysanthemums, asters, or even the phlox.



Concerning the perennials, you can sow in box violets, sow scabious, hollyhocks, sow perennial abyss, primroses and carnations.

Sow bi-yearly flowers : wallflower ravenelle, winter wallflowers, biannual bluebells, forget-me-nots in box, pansies and primroses.

Sow annual flowers such as marigolds, snapdragon, statice.

Sow in nursery your hollyhocks.

It is the last time to plant the lavender, the annual alysses. the columbines, the “belles de jour”, the ipomea.

You can still broadcast flaxseed at the corner of a nursery.

15 days, 3 weeks after you perform your seedlings ageratums in May, you can transplant them.

Transplant asters by pulling the young plants carefully.



Cut/propagate your altheas.

Propagate clematis, winter jasmine and quince tree of Japan.

Divide your lilac, passionflowers, eyelets, lilac, forsythias, fuchsia, quince tree of Japan, aster, mugwort…

Multiply by cuttings the ampélopsis.

Cut the deutzias by removing the long shoots of about 10 centimeters. Plant them in a mixture of sand and peat. Then, pick them in a steam under a chassis by covering them with a transparent plastic

Multiply the hibiscus.

Make the cuttings of jasmine.

Propagate in a steam spirea.

Make an approach graft to the mimosa.



Cut your aster to shorten them by half when they have reached a size between 40 and 50 cm. Do the same for the chrysanthemums.

Remember to water your violets.

Clear up your linens.

Protect your flower of Mary by spreading mulch at their foot.

Extend your annuals bloom by providing them with fertilizer.

Put straw underneath the foot of your shrubs using you grass cutting to conserve moisture and prevent the flush of weeds.

In the fruit garden

Works to be done in the fruit garden in June.


Abricotier - arbres fruitier

Cut strawberry.

Prune raspberries.

Prune fruit trees: apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, plum trees…

Beware the birds are very fond of the fruits that have grown on your trees and fruit bushes, remember to protect them using nets.

Clear up your fruit trees. Do not hesitate to shake them off.


Work to be performed in the greenhouse in June.



Continue watering preferably in the morning out of sunlight.

Shade your glasshouse with the installation of sheets.

Sow all root vegetables.

This is mainly the time for planting cucurbitales : squashes, cucumber, tomatoes by making sure to eliminate watersprouts.

Get out your potted plants.

You can harvest the cucumber you let grow in the greenhouse.

In the vegetable garden

Works to be performed in the garden in June.



You can plant orach

You can sow your root vegetables: beets, carrots, turnip, radishes.

Plant the cucurbitales: melon, cucumber, squash…

Sow all chicory: endives, curled-leaved endives and broad-leaved endives (Batavian).

This is the last time to sow arugula before the arrival of the heat that may alter the quality of the plant;

Sow the cauliflower in the ground. Sow Kohlrabi

This is the last time to sow sweet corn, dandelion, peas.

It is the last time to plant your potatoes.

Plant cabbage “ Daubenton”.

Concerning aromatic plants, you can still sow chervil, parsley, this is the last time to plant chives, cumin.

Propagate rosemary after flowering, transpose the cuttings in semi shade and in bucket.



You can start harvesting the garlic when the leaves are dry. You will harvest them for a quick consumption. It is necessary to dry. Keep them away from moisture.

You can also collect your artichokes by cutting the stem 10 cm under his head.

This is the last time to harvest your asparagus;

Collect the carrots, the turnip-rooted chervil,

Start to harvest the cabbage broccoli, headed cabbage, Kohlrabi

Concerning the salads, you can harvest the curled-leaved endive,

June is a good time to start harvesting your pickles, your zucchini, crambe, watercress

There is still time to harvest pea, pole, sorrel, turnip, onion, bean

Start to harvest the potatoes during dry weather.

Other maintenance work

Other maintenance to be performed in June.

Other maintenance work


Continue plantations in the periphery of your pools.

Eliminate algae which has formed as a result of the heat.

Check the level of the water.

Control oxygenation and install a pump if needed.

Control the watering.