Creation and maintenance of green spaces
10 rue Fenelon - 24220 Saint Cyprien
Mon-Fri : 8h-21h / Sat : 8h-14h

Serving your garden

Founded in 2013 by Mickaël Gadras, Gadras Garden specializes in the creation and maintenance of gardens and landscapes. The team of qualified professionals, skilled and competent, offers services tailored to the infrastructure and the specific needs of every project we undertake.

Our expertise is based on sound business practices and a contemporary aesthetic sense. This combination of pragmatism and creativity allow us to achieve reliable but also harmonious achievements. We have successful projects as the dialogue we engage with our customers and our ability to deliver results in line with expectations.

Tell us about your next project and we will provide a free, no obligation quote.


   Member of the cooperative for home craftsmen Dordogne

  50% tax reduction (or tax credit) in CGI effect on maintenance (approval number : N/120410/F/024/S008)
  Prepaid vouchers accepted employment

  Free no-obligation quote

Ha mown lawn
Planted trees
Km trimmed hedges
gardens created